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I was tasked with a project to design a solution that makes daily grocery shopping more fun, more meaningful, and more efficient. The assignment called for only select key screens but with a thought out feature set. I focused on a family that has children that need to be dropped off and picked up from care. With the parents commuting to different parts of the bay area for work. For the parents, the most meaningful thing to them is the loving and fun quality time they can spend together with the family. Unfortunately, most of the day to day energy is dedicated to the supporting factors of a family. Shopping, feeding, cooking, getting the kids ready. Making sure the car is maintained and the house is in order. Even though necessary and important, it takes away from fun loving activities. Parents care about making healthy meals for their family and saving money to feel financially secure. Application Features Include: Suggest meals based on a user defined food matrix and meal popularity. Inform users about meals, ingredients, and portions. Save favorite meals. Create and save shopping lists. Efficient and time saving drive routes to the market. Create a meal and shopping schedule - daily, weekly, monthly. Best plan for your budget. Find the ingredients quickly. Independent Project • 2015
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