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Choosing the Right Partner


Current awareness of TIAA’s Endowments & Foundations (E&F) offering is low, but the new TIAA website is designed to navigate potential clients through professional sites

Project Goal

Identify opportunities to build awareness and credibility with our audiences, and create foundational design with content strategy that emotionally resonates with the user and responds to their needs.


frog and TIAA will gain a deeper understanding of the user journey for potential customers of endowment and foundation management solutions.   


  1. Research plan (including methodology, screener etc)

  2. Research readout with summary of insights and opportunities identified from the research

  3. High-fidelity wireframes with annotations

  4. Interaction model

  5. Content strategy

  6. Final presentation detailing research and synthesis, and correlation to foundational design

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My Contributions

Attended and took notes during all primary research interviews with TIAA and nonprofit E&F users.

Sourced and secured a customer interview with a nonprofit E&F user for primary research purposes.

Synthesized raw data from the discovery phase.

Lead the secondary and analogous research.

Iterated different website layouts with the newly established TIAA design system utilizing the UX, UI, and Visual Design patterns.


Me (Interaction Designer) 

+ Sr. Program Manager

+ Sr. Strategist

+ Sr. Visual Designer

+ Associate Creative Director

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