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Winner of the 2009 Parents' Choice Award. Creature Floor Puzzle is an ancillary product to photographer, Andrew Zuckerman's book of animals, Creature. My part was to take his imagery and make a puzzle from it. The photographs themselves are wonderfully shot but utilize an immense amount of white space. In essence this was my first design challenge. The images had to be resized and puzzle piece count needed to be considered. The creative direction was to have something that would be tailored to sell in stores like the MoMA. My thought was to make it big, 2 foot by 2 foot, and enlarge the images of the animals and for it to be double sided. Had to fight a bit for the double side idea - printing costs and all, but worth it. In addition, there’d be two puzzles in every box. I made two different styles of tabs to differentiate one puzzle from the other and so that kids wouldn’t get them mixed up, confused, and frustrated. One design is a dove-tail. The other is rounded corners. For child development I was told the simpler the better. Make easy shapes and limit the number of pieces. Chronicle Books • 2008
The Tiger-side puzzle with packaging and the other puzzle inside.
Double sided puzzle. Tiger and elephant. Dimension: 2' W x 2' H
Dove tail and rounded puzzle tabs to differentiate the puzzle sets.
The packagings shape, size, and handle differentiated the product on the shelf from other standard boxed puzzles.
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Creature Floor Puzzle Will Abbott Design