Gift Card Research

Looking at the Gifting research and the Marketing data, e-gift cards began to emerge as a way to empower personalization and feasibly attain an incremental lift in sales. Below is a the most relevant elements that proved that the needle could be moved.

Spending More Money with E-Gift Cards

Giving and Receiving E-Gift Cards

E-Gift Cards via Social Platforms

Thinking of the Recipient

Personalization Incentives

Mother’s Day in the Billions

“My thoughts are is that [gift cards are] lazy. Even if it is something that I’ll definitely used. I’m one of those people that appreciates when someone does put some thought into it.”

-Anette M.

“Gift cards are a last resort for me… They feel kind of impersonal, even though I myself love gift cards.”

-Maggie W.

“I love receiving gift cards because I can get what I want. I just don’t like giving them because it doesn’t feel that creative.”

-Courtney W.

“A gift card: it’s not as personal item per se. But it is an item that gives them freedom to choose what they like. You don’t have to worry about them wanting to return something.”

-James M.

Top E-Gift Card Evaluation

Top Gift Card Companies

Ranked by CashStar criteria.

Impactful Personalization

Innovative designs for e-gift cards that excited our user testers.


Gif Animation with Audio

Victoria's Secret

Gif Animation with Audio


Video Animation with Audio

Personalization - Gap Brands vs. Amazon

Conducted a qual survey with six participants around the best e-gift card touchpoints.

Amazon Personalization

Forging Partnerships

Part of the challenge was to find brand partners that would be interested in leveraging this research and making something happen from it. Our work eventually coupled us to Banana Republic and the Stores Engagement Team, and internal Gap Inc. team.

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