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How Can We Win December?


Gap brands (except Old Navy) were underperforming when it came to customer gift spending during December. 


Project Goal

To help customers feel confident in purchasing meaningful gifts for a person they care about.


Using e-gift cards as a solution to win gifting.


Short, mid, and long-term strategies centered on discoverability, incentives personalization features, and highly visual gifting experience.


My Contributions

Planned, conducted, and synthesized all of the research.

Helped to formulate a business strategy from research insights. Then engaging and attaining internal partners interested in next steps.

Made prototypes and a survey to test cross-brand customers on personalizing e-gift cards.

Art directed the UX/UI of the e-gift card/donation site.

Provided assets to Banana Republic to amend the main website to promote an experiment.

Team and Partnership Evolution

Just Me (Sr UX Designer) at first.

Me + Dir Product Mgmt

Me + Dir Product Mgmt + Sr Strategy Analyst

Me + Dir Product Mgmt + Dir Store Ops + Manager Payment Operations

Me + Dir Product Mgmt + Dir Store Ops + Manager Payment Operations + VP GM Online

Me + Dir Product Mgmt + Dir Store Ops + Manager Payment Operations + VP GM Online + Dir Web Production + Dev team. External: + Sr Dir Strategic Partnerships + UX Designer

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