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Mafia Wars was a soft-launched contemporary crime themed mobile massive multiplayer online strategy video game. The game lets players build a criminal empire, partner with thousands to take down enemies, and punish those that get in the way. Players fight for control over real-world cities by joining a global network of criminals and using high-stakes combat and conspiracy to rule over millions of players. As a senior experience designer I worked closely with producers, project managers, game designers, developers, and other experience designers. Creating UI/UX design solutions for multiple gameplay features. I also contributed to the overall aspect of the game's evolving UI and visual design. My work centered on taking complex gameplay concepts and realizing them in a fun yet informative manner for the player. I’d make sure the UI and functions were in line with what the game designer had in mind. From there I’d work in Unity creating prefabs. Communicating the whole time to the developer what my UI and UX intensions were within the design to make sure the prefabs were built with little work on the developers part. As the project went along the game evolved through play tests, player feedback, and team review. I met this challenge of an ever shifting game with judicious designs to match the new ways of play and thinking. Zynga • 2017
Top level UI/UX play through.
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