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Music Unlimited was Sony's music streaming service. It was available on web, console, and mobile devices. It offered 22+ million tracks allowing listeners to save tracks and albums, listen to artist channels, as well as create playlists. Leading the project, I began it with a feature brainstorm session between me and the Lead visual art director. Our approach was to expose listeners to new music by connecting other artists via music that they already liked. With 22+ million songs available we thought it'd be cool for a listener to find the musicians that inspired or even followed after their favorite bands. Other initial features included adding karaoke functions to any track or just having lyrics available. As well as notifying the listener if any of the bands they listened to were on tour. However, for the initial launch the director of music at Sony kept the application to a very basic feature set. Mainly featuring selected music, letting listeners create their own playlists, and being able to curate their own music collection. Upon receiving the MVP I went ahead and created all of the feature’s UI, UX, architecture, and flow from top to bottom. The work would go up for peer review amongst the design staff in both San Francisco and Tokyo. Because it was a Sony product it had to follow closely to PlayStation design guidelines. After some iteration and the PS4 launch approaching we moved forward putting the application into production. As each feature was finalized I’d submit the work to the developers in Tokyo. We’d have a weekly check in and at certain major points would meet face-to-face with trips to Tokyo. Upon the first playable production prototype we had playtests in London that I attended. The purpose was to find and fix any major bugs. Any other findings were to be for v2.0 of Music Unlimited on console. The product launched to millions of PlayStation users on Day 1. Sony PlayStation • 2013
Full UI review of the first release of Music Unlimited.
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