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The premise of the project was to expose PlayStation's Gamers to the rest of Sony's video and music products. As well as to more video games. This was to be done by connecting Gamers to one another and show off what each was playing, watching, or listening to. The idea was to connect all parts of an IP so that Gamers were more aware of all that Sony has to offer when it comes to entertainment. For example: a user plays a game where the voice talent is also an actor in a movie. That movie has a soundtrack that a PlayStation friend listened to. The user is now connected to two new pieces of content one in which someone they trust has already listened to. Increasing the chances that they will as well. There was a lot of back end business research that went into this. The design team utilized this information to understand who Gamers really are. The different personas created helped to understand what Gamers were doing and why. From that information the design team began to formulate ways of making an IP connection service interesting, fun, and relevant to Gamers. Through mobile and social interaction the design team created an app that would utilize small interactions throughout the day. Much like checking email, facebooking, or tweeting. We wanted short grabs of information to entice the user when mobile. Then expand those mobile interactions when the user arrived at home. Sony R&D • 2014
The Following Feed brings content to the user. This is an aggregated feed of updates from games, music, television and movies that a user has liked. It also indicates what is trending with friends. Opening awareness and encouraging to participate. The Local Discovery feature exposed local and global media trends.
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