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Three Companies Under TIAA


< $50M

Customized Portfolios

Endowment Management 

High-Touch Client Service 

Alternative Investments


$50M - $100M

Customized Portfolios

Endowment Management 

High-Touch Client Service 

Traditional Investments

Planned Giving


$100M +

Customized Portfolios

Endowment Management 

High-Touch Client Service 

Alternative Investments


The TIAA E&F offering covers a range of endowment sizes and approaches.


Apart from size, the distinction between the different business units is not clear.


Furthermore, it is challenging for prospective clients to understand which business unit is the best fit for their needs and investment policy.


I attended every interview with TIAA stakeholders and E&F customers. I took notes and participated in the interview synthesis.

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Chief Investment Officer

Chief Operating Officer

President & Exec Director

Professor of Finance

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Culture & Community non-profits

Client Needs

Top insights from synthesis of the full research.

An investment firm should feel like an extension of the staff

Clients want their investment firm to understand their organization’s unique needs (staff size,  structure, investment knowledge and limitations) and meet them where they are.

A strong emotional connection builds confidence 

EQ is equally important as IQ. Clients select an investment firm based on their holistic assessment - including process, philosophy, people and ‘gut’ feeling. 

A deeper understanding of the firm’s process, philosophy and people 

Lead with process, philosophy and people. Follow with thought leadership. Thought leadership can be a vehicle for creating awareness, but doesn’t play a huge role in a committee’s decision-making process.

Shared values through action

Shared values is important but delivering on this means actively supporting the client’s organization.

Client Journey

A non-profit’s search to find a financial management firm, like TIAA, to handle their endowments and foundations.

image_customer journey E and F.png
user journey_a.png




Express the business unit’s unique value and philosophy beyond an endowment investment context.


Enable prospective clients to discover which firm is the best fit for their needs; allow the business units to target the best fit clients.


Raise awareness and be top of mind before the need arises.


Develop content with basic to advanced levels of sophistication accommodating the investment expertise amongst the target audience.

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