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Six different roles touched the feature at different times within its process. To accomplish the work, we operated in pods utilizing Agile/Scrum. In total, I worked on 14 features.

Making a Feature

How the team worked as a pod.

Feature Team.png


Wrote the MVP with the Game Designer

Analyzed real in-game play data with the PM

Managed workflow of teams within their pod

Game Designer

Primarily wrote and edited the feature MVP

MVP: why it exists, how it works, and general UX & UI

Product Manager

Analyzed feature metrics during testing and soft launch

Adjusted game design and UX of feature to drive DAU, retention, and monitization

Experience Designer (Me)

UX, UI, Visual Design

Kickoff meetings and design check-ins with Game Designer

Provided Unity prefabs to Developer

Merged prefab edits to Github


Added the code (C#) to Unity prefabs

Merged code into Github to different builds

Art Department

Provided all art work and visual asset

14 Features

Here is what I worked on in each of these pods. Some big, some small.

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